Cord Cover Kit - Cocoon Cam

Cord Cover Kit

This cord cover kit is used to safely guide the power cable from Cocoon Cam to the electrical outlet. It is an optional but recommended addition to your Cocoon Cam system, to make it as safe as possible for your little one! 

  • The Cord Cover offers a hinged, single-piece design for easy opening and closing
  • Fast and easy installation, with self-adhesive backing (no tools required)
  • It is designed to enclose the power cable, for safety
  • Paintable white finish (use a latex-based paint) so it will match your nursery decor
  • The kit includes 11 connector parts: 4 CordMate II Cord Channels, 3 C19 Couplings, 2 C16 Flat Elbows, 1 C17 Inside Elbow and 1 C18 Outside Elbow

    Please note that this product will ship separately from your Cocoon Cam Plus system. 

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