Meet the Team - Cocoon Cam

Meet the Team

Cocoon Cam is different from other baby monitor companies. 

We are a venture-backed startup based in the Silicon Valley.

But more importantly, we're changing the whole definition of what a baby monitor is. We're applying cutting edge technologies to give parents the peace of mind they deserve, and help keep babies safer and happier.  We believe that computer vision (the kind of technology that powers self-driving cars!) can make a much better and smarter baby monitor.

Our team includes computer vision engineers, industrial design, marketing and customer success. We're dedicated to bringing you a great product, with great support. 

To give you a little more insight into how our company came to be, our founder Siva had this to say in a recent Forbes article

Cocoon Cam Founder Siva Nattamai and his family"The core idea behind Cocoon Cam really was born when my daughter was born. I was working at Tesla at the time, which was really exciting to be a part of such an innovative startup from the inside out. Seeing the brilliant entrepreneurs around me, I was inspired to try it on my own. I couldn’t get this idea out of my head, and had been using my spare time to play with early prototypes using regular security cameras in my home.

Once we settled on the idea of computer vision, (co-founder) Pavan and I realized that this seed of an idea had some truly incredible applications for parents and babies. I quit my job to focus on it full time, but then quickly realized I had to do some consulting work to pay the bills. It’s the age old story of the entrepreneur--but this time, with a baby and a wife to support!"