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It only LOOKS like magic.

Cocoon Cam is the most advanced baby breathing monitor in the world.

Our team of computer scientists (many of whom are also parents!) have applied their deep knowledge of computer vision technology to the baby monitor. We've created a completely non-invasive way to monitor your baby's breathing, without the use of wearables or mats.

It's based on hard science, and it sorta looks like magic...but it's easy to understand why Cocoon Cam is the best choice for your family. 


How Cocoon Cam Works

Intelligent Baby Detection

First, our software figures out exactly where the baby is located in the crib. We call this Smart Baby Detection.

A combination of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision helps us tell the difference between Tigger and Timothy in the crib!


Sees Tiny Motions

Then, we zone in on each movement in the baby's chest and abdominal areas.

Cocoon Cam monitors effectively even when she's swaddled, or under a blanket--and no matter what position she's chosen to sleep in.


Transforms Data Into Action

All this translates into a real-time breathing graph and proactive alerts sent right to your smartphone.

So you always hear, see and know your baby is OK. 


And Keeps You Connected

As soon as we sense something has changed, or requires your attention, you get Instant Alerts sent right to your smartphone. No matter where you are.

See key alerts at the right time so you can do all the things, prepare for an active baby, and get some rest too.