Help - Cocoon Cam

You have reached the instructional page for how to access the Cocoon Cam with the iSmartViewPro app.
You will need to download this app in order to use your Cocoon Cam after June 6th. We advise doing this sooner than later so that you don’t experience any lapse in your video streaming abilities.
Below are the instructions on downloading the viewing video with the iSmartViewPro App for iOS & Android.

1: Important - Reset the Cocoon Cam

The first step is to fully RESET your camera from the Cocoon Cam app and servers. Your Cocoon Cam will NOT WORK with iSmartViewPro if it has not been reset.

Here are the instructions to properly reset the camera:

  1. Power on the camera.
  2. Wait for the light on the back of the camera to illuminate.
  3. Use a pen or key to hold the RESET button on the back of the cam for 30 seconds.
  4. The camera will either “beep” or say “resetting camera”. It takes about a minute to reset.

Before you move forward with rest of the process please read the following:

  1. Use only Cocoon Cam Power Cord (Please don't use other power cords)
  2. Have ethernet cord ready
  3. Have physical access to your Router
  4. Know your 2.4 GHz network WiFi Username and Password

2: Download the App

CocoonCAM App will be discontinued by June 6th, 2020 Below are the links to download the viewing app called iSmartViewPro:

*If you have an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, download our iOS App. (Must have version iOS 11 and higher)

*If you have a Google Pixel, Samsung or any Android device, download our Android App. (Must have Android 7 and higher)

*Please note: We do not troubleshoot this app.

3: Add a Camera

  • Tap “Add Camera”

  • Tap “Add Camera via Wired Method”

  • Once the camera is connected to your router and powered on Tap “Next”

  • Enable Camera permissions on the app, Scan for the QR code on the back of the camera. You should see bottom and middle light illuminated.

  • Name your camera

  • It will now prompt you to setup wifi.

4: Getting Connected to WiFi

Please follow the following instructions below carefully to setup WiFi on the camera.

  • Enter your valid 2.4ghz network name and password. Tap “Next

  • You will receive the message below if your camera successfully connected to your wifi

Your camera may beep or say that WiFi settings were updated. Sometimes you may see the below message in error even if your WiFi setting was successful. Click “Exit” to return to the home screen; if your WiFi setup was successful, the camera will display as “Connected”.

**If the connection fails, please check your password with your Internet Provider

5: Choose the correct video resolution

Since your camera does not support 240p resolution, the below instructions shows you how to choose the correct resolution to display HD video.

  • You may see a black screen. Press the selection option where it says 240p

  • Choose 720p and video will display

6: Securing Your Cocoon Cam

By default, the camera password is set to 123456 and we recommend updating this password immediately. Please follow these steps to secure your camera stream.

We suggest adding a mix of symbols, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters so that your password will be complex and unique.

  • In the app find your camera and make sure the status is "Online".
  • You will see a blue arrow next to your camera, please tap it.
  • Below the camera details on this page, tap where it says "Advanced Settings"
  • Tap "Admin" (It may take a moment to load the parameters)
  • Remove the password in the field and input your own unique password with symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Tap "Done" at the top to save

**You have the option to share access with friends and family. Strong and frequently updated passwords ensure greater security. (See step 7)

7: Sharing with Family and Caregivers

You can share camera access with your family and caregivers. They will need the following:

  • iSmartViewPro app from iOS App Store or Android Play Store.
  • Camera DID (On the back of your camera, in the format VIEW-1234567-ABCDE)
  • Camera Password

When sharing the camera DID and password, please know that you are giving full access to the video and audio stream to this person.

We always recommend:

*Knowing the person you are sharing with
*Updating the password every 6months to a non-previously used password
*Setting up a complex and unique password comprised of symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase numbers
*Do not save the password digitally anywhere else

Below are the steps to add a shared camera:

  • Tap “Add Camera”
  • Tap “Add Camera Already Connected to a Network”
  • Enter the camera ID that will begin with VIEW, then enter the unique password. Tap “Done” when complete
  • You will then be brought back to the main screen where it will show you the newly added camera