Cocoon Cam Clarity: Baby monitor & real-time breathing monitoring

Cocoon Cam Clarity

Introducing Cocoon Cam Clarity

The first baby monitor with secure HD video and real-time breathing monitoring.

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The World's Smartest Baby Monitor

See, Hear and Talk

Easily connect to see your baby directly from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Real Time Breathing Monitoring

Cocoon Cam monitors your baby's breathing while they are asleep, so you don't have to.

Instant Alerts & Insights

Smart Alerts notify you when your baby is waking, or if her breathing changes.

Know Your Baby is Breathing

Real Time Breathing Graph

Traditional baby monitors let you see your baby, but not whether she's breathing. 

With Cocoon Cam, you'll be able to see a real-time respiratory graph overlaid on top of live high quality 1080p HD video. Plus, get instantly alerted if your baby's breathing changes or needs your attention.

“My favorite feature is definitely seeing the live respiration. I find it very accurate watching it rise and fall and it makes all my worries melt away!” - Leslie, Cleveland Ohio

by Leslie, Cleveland Ohio

Easy to use, trust and love.

1080p HD Video

Crystal clear HD live stream video with night vision and zoom capability.

Real Time Breathing Monitoring

View a real-time breathing graph overlaid on top of your video feed so you can can see and know your baby is breathing.

2-Way Audio

Built-in speaker and microphone so you can hear your baby, and talk directly to her.

Go Anywhere

Whether you’re down the hall or across the world, you’re always connected via your smartphone to what’s happening with your baby.

Non-Contact Breathing Monitoring

A non-invasive way to monitor your baby’s breathing without the need to make her wear any uncomfortable technology.

Sleep Insights and Trends

Sophisticated analytics help you track and understand your baby’s sleep and wake patterns, trends, growth, and behaviors.

Intuitive, Smart & Beautiful

Cocoon Cam helps interpret your baby’s natural movements and daily rhythms, transforming the everyday into useable insights.

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