Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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What is a Cocoon Cam Baby Breathing Monitor and how can it help me?

Standard baby monitors let you see and hear your baby, but often it’s tough to tell if the baby is breathing. The Cocoon Cam baby monitor provides a real-time graph of your baby’s breathing patterns and sends an alert to your mobile device when the breathing is abnormally high or low. The extra biometric data that the Cocoon Cam baby monitor provides gives you an extra layer of security and comfort knowing that your baby is safe.

How is the Cocoon Cam Baby Breathing Monitor different from other baby monitors?

The Cocoon Cam baby monitor provides a real-time graph of your baby’s breathing rate. It also actively monitors breathing patterns and sends alerts when the breathing appears too high or low. Cocoon Cam baby monitor also does this without potentially dangerous wearables, which can fall off or become uncomfortable for your baby.

How does the technology work?

The technology works by using computer vision to identify the chest area of the baby in the crib. Then, the software measures the expanding and contracting movement of the chest to determine the rate of breathing. For more information, visit the How It Works page.

Is this device FDA-approved?

The Cocoon Cam baby monitor is not yet FDA approved. However, we are currently performing a study with Stanford’s NICU to prove that the Cocoon Cam baby monitor has the accuracy of medical grade technology. This study is part of the process of getting FDA approval.

Will the Cocoon Cam Baby Breathing Monitor work with twins?

Right now, the Cocoon Cam baby monitor can only identify one child in the crib at a time and the Cocoon Cam app only works with a single baby monitor. To check on twins, you'll need two cameras, two different app installs, and place the twins in separate cribs.


Camera Hardware

What is included with my Cocoon Cam Baby Breathing Monitor purchase?

HD Camera 24/7 Video and Audio Streaming, App Download (iOS/Android), Power Cord, Ethernet Cord, Free 6 Month Subscription (required for Breathing Analysis, Alerts, and Updates)

How is this different than a regular baby monitor video camera?

The camera itself is a standard HD camera similar to many baby monitors, but hooks up to our cloud-based software that performs the breathing analysis.


Subscription Options

Why do I need a subscription?

The subscription provides access to the breathing rate, alerts, and updates. Because all of the calculations and analysis happen in the cloud (not in the hardware or on your phone), we have server costs to maintain. The subscription helps us cover those costs each month.

How much does the subscription cost?

The subscription is free for the first six months, then $12.99/month after that.

What is included with the subscription?

Access to all our cloud-based features: breathing analysis, alerts, time-lapse video of the past few hours, app updates, and any new features that we add in the future.

What happens if I don’t re-subscribe?

You’ll still be able to use your camera as a standard video/audio baby monitor. You can also re-subscribe at any time.

Detailed Setup Instructions

Setting Up Your Camera

Be sure that your camera follows these recommendations:

  1. Bird's eye view of the crib
  2. Covers only the crib and nothing else
  3. Less than 5 feet from the baby


Fixing False Alerts by Adjusting the Sensitivity and Threshold Settings

If you're getting a lot of false alerts, the first step is to check your sensitivity and threshold settings. These make sure that the Cocoon Cam app is configured perfectly for your baby's environment.

Sensitivity makes the software look for more tiny motions in the frame.

Threshold will remove noise and fine-tune the movement graph.

How to set the Sensitivity

  1. Make sure there is no baby in the crib.
  2. Make the sensitivity very high number - let’s say 50. You will start noticing a lot of noise.
  3. Start decreasing the sensitivity by 5 till you see an “almost flat” line of the graph.
  4. This way, the camera will start picking up very minute baby movements.

How to set the Threshold

  1. Adjust sensitivity to see “almost flat” line on the graph. If you are still seeing any noisy graph continue with next steps.
  2. Start with a low threshold number. Example, with 10.
  3. Start increasing the threshold by 5 till you see an “almost flat” line of the graph.
  4. This way, the graph will look nice and smooth and the alerts can get better.


Setting Up the Wifi on the Camera

  1. On the video screen, choose the cogwheel icon to go to the Settings screen
  2. Choose "Setup WiFi" and provide your wifi network name and password.


General Troubleshooting

If the camera still isn't working or you're getting errors, try the following:

  1. Power cycle the camera. Unplug the camera and plug-in again.
  2. Uninstall the app and install it again. Please
    DON'T USE THE RESET SWITCH ON THE CAMERA. If you did reset the camera, contact us at [email protected] and we'll help you out.