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5 Simple Sleep Hacks for New Parents

May 09, 2018 1 Comment

We get it, getting your baby into a sleep routine can feel like an uphill battle. But there are a few simple tips and tricks you can easily start to incorporate into your evening regimen to help encourage your child’s naturally developing rhythms.

1. Have a consistent schedule….and stick to it!

Sleeping, eating and playing at the same time of day everyday will go a long way in regulating hormone production and secretion. It can be difficult to feel like you have a routine in those first few weeks, so focus on establishing mornings and night time routines at around the same time each day and night. Another possible way to help baby establish a routine is simply to have him with you in your own routine. Research by Custodio et al. (2007), suggests that sleep patterns adjust more swiftly when the child is part of the parents’ routine. This can be linked to the parent being active and inactive at roughly the same time each day.

2. Natural light is about a lot more than vitamin D

Expose your baby to natural light cues as much as possible. According to a study done by Rikvees et al. (2004) with pre-term infants, babies who were exposed to natural lighting patterns as well more afternoon sunlight adapted to the 24-hour circadian rhythm cycle more quickly and slept better at night.

3. Create a soothing and relaxing bedtime routine.

Create a consistent 20-30 minute nighttime routine and try to stick to it for a while. Set the sleep mood by keeping your wind down ritual confined to the bedroom if possible. Dimming the lights will also promote melatonin production to help get things started. Many parents find that a short warm bath is a valuable part of the bedtime routine for baby, as it tends to relax the baby. It’s also a great opportunity for bonding moments!

4. Let baby sleep!

We know, this one sounds simple, but it’s not uncommon for parents to mistakenly think their babies are waking up in the middle of deep sleep when they start to stir a little bit. Perhaps even more common is for parents to accidentally wake baby while trying to make sure they are still breathing.


5. Get the sleep you deserve with Cocoon Cam.

So how can you be sure that your baby is both safe and sound asleep without waking it up? Thankfully Cocoon Cam baby monitor uses real time HD video to analyze your baby’s sleep and breathing. Cocoon Cam can pick up if your baby is waking up or just moving around a bit. If anything happens, Cocoon Cam proactively sends a notification directly to your phone so you’ll know exactly when your baby is waking up.

Some babies will naturally adjust to a 24 hour cycle easier and earlier than others. The good news is, that they will all adjust at some point within the first 4 months! So hang in there, do what you can, and enjoy the brief newborn period for all the wonders and joys that it holds.

Soon enough, your little one will be sleeping like a baby!

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April 25, 2020

That may be what I need. I followed those rules, or at least pretty much similar ones and it didn’t fix much and now I’m starting the real sleep training program. I have this book How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone by Susan Urban that seems to be very gentle method. Although I would feel safer with the camera in baby’s room I think.

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