Top Questions About Cocoon Cam Answered

Learn how Cocoon Cam works and the latest features.

Q. How does Cocoon Cam work?


Using the latest advances in video analysis, Cocoon Cam is able to detect your baby’s presence and positioning, making it the fist video baby monitor that can transmit live information about your baby’s safety and activity without invasive wearable technology. With this technology, we are able to detect your baby’s skin respiration, at a distance, from a monitor.


Q. Is anything attached to my baby’s body for this to work?


No. The beauty of Cocoon Cam is its hands-off approach to detecting a baby’s well being, making it the safest baby monitor around. Because it’s a contact-less monitor, parents don’t have to worry about their baby tearing off the monitor, choking hazards, or impairing gross motor skills.


Q. Does the monitor emit any radiation or microwaves?


Definitely not! Our product is completely non-invasive. Simply place the monitor within range of your baby, and no need to worry about exposing your baby to harmful radiation or any potential for non-organic material.


Q. How will I be able to view my baby’s respiration using Cocoon Cam?


Our motto is to set it and forget it. Simply setup Cocoon Cam once and download our mobile app. You are ready to go and Cocoon Cam will monitor your baby in the crib wherever you are. This means you can access a visual along with your baby’s vitals day or night; whether you’re at work, on a date, or simply making dinner while your baby naps. Plus, it’s easy to work!


Q. How does Cocoon Cam work the most efficiently?


Cocoon Cam is built to stream your baby’s vitals accurately, wherever you are. Furthermore, the devise will also learn more about your baby as time goes on, as the monitor is able to recognize familiar patterns. This means, the more you use the devise, the better it works at notifying parents about potential problems (like if Little Johnny is trying to climb out of his crib).


Q. Will this devise protect by baby against SIDS?


While taking doctor recommended precautions against SIDS can reduce the risk, there is nothing that can truly prevent it when it strikes. However, Cocoon Cam is able to detect respiration, which gives more power to parents about the safety and wellness of your baby. Whether it’s cold and flu season, or you’re never quite at ease unless you know your child is well – Cocoon Cam provides the peace of mind all parents deserve.


Q. Wow, this is the baby monitor of my dream! How can I buy Cocoon Cam?

Feel free to visit us at, or preorder here (

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