You Can’t Go Wrong

I have to admit, as a techie, I reviewed high and low for all monitors out there and none impressed me more than this one. As a new dad, this camera gave me assurance I could sleep at night peacefully without any concerns and multi-task when left alone at home. The true beauty was being able to see my baby while away and check in sporadically through out the day while she rest. Bottom line, you can’t go wrong and your baby will appreciate not have something attached them while trying to sleep. You both will appreciate that…we did!

—Amazon Customer

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This Product is Absolutely Amazing!

This product is absolutely amazing !!! I couldnt live without this, with having previous babies on apnea monitors this is such a great thing, so user friendly and reassuring.

—Amazon Customer

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Best Baby Monitor on the Market!

Really gives the peace of mind knowing that I can monitor more than just my baby’s sounds. The monitoring App & camera package offer something no one else can… Will get one for a friend that has a baby for Christmas!

—Amazon Customer

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Such peace of mind!

I love this camera. We are versed in net cams and what not (been using them as monitors for years) but this takes it to the next level. I was so stressed out with our new little one, worried about sleeping. But having this camera has made it so easy. I can keep an eye on her, see her breathing and even notifies me if something seems odd. None of the others we’ve used have those options. So glad we found this camera!

–Amazon Customer

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No other camera like it!

Amazing technology. Unlike its competitors this camera has NO WEARABLES!!! You heard right, nothing will be in contact with your baby. Yet, you will be able to see a respiratory rate and get a REAL warning when there is a problem. There is nothing like that in the market. Other cameras have. I intelligent software and give you false warnings throughout the night. Definite BUY


—Amazon Customer

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Wish this had been around years ago!

My wife and I love this! We sleep so much easier knowing the app will let us know if there is a problem. We looked at so many other baby monitors but attaching a device to the foot or stomach of a 1 month old freaked out my wife. Who knows how this works without touching the baby, but it does!

-Amazon Customer

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"This camera gave me the assurance I could sleep at night peacefully without any concerns and multi-task when left alone at home."

—New Parent, Amazon Review