How It Works

Move Beyond Wearables

Cocoon Cam is the first baby monitor that can measure breathing rate without the need to put anything on your baby.

Just set up the camera next to the crib and download the app to your mobile device from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The secret to Cocoon Cam rests in our cloud-based software that gets better the more you use it. By looking at the video feed, the Cocoon Cam app can identify where the baby is in the picture and then isolate the chest area. The software then measures the rate at which the chest area expands and contracts to get a record of the breathing rate.

Because our technology uses an HD camera to look at your baby’s movement down to the pixel, it’s easy to identify the subtle chest movements that happen if a baby is under a blanket or in a position other than on its back. As long as the camera is pointed at your child, the Cocoon Cam can check to see if it’s breathing.

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The technology behind Cocoon Cam started out as a research project at University of California, San Diego and is currently being tested at the NICU in Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

As Cocoon Cam has grown and the software’s been developed, we’ve brought on as many specialists as we can. Almost all of our team has an advanced graduate degree, giving us an in-house total of two doctorate and three masters degrees.

Breathe easier with Cocoon Cam's breathing monitoring.     Buy Now


Cocoon Cam is always checking on your baby, even when you can’t.

The artificial intelligence built into the software constantly analyzes your baby’s breathing rate and compares it to what a normal breathing rate should be. If something looks off, we’ll send you an alert.

Alerts designate high or low breathing rate and means you should check on your baby. Because there’s a built-in video and two-way audio you can immediately look and listen to see what the potential problem is.

Cocoon Cam's Smart Baby Detection sends you a notification when the baby isn't in the crib – useful when one parent moves the baby and to track sleep patterns.

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Cocoon Cam makes sure that you’re the only one looking in on your baby.

We add security features above and beyond those found on standard cameras. Our software uses the Advance Encryption Standard to protect the video and breathing data and keep hackers away.

We also update and manage hardware device passwords automatically to make sure that your camera feed is always under your control. You can rest easy knowing that the privacy of you and your baby is protected.

Breathe easier with Cocoon Cam's breathing monitoring.     Buy Now


Cocoon Cam’s magic happens in the app's cloud-based software

We use artificial intelligence to learn about your baby’s breathing patterns and compare them to other baby breathing patterns around the world. That means that Cocoon Cam doesn’t just look for a constant breathing rate, but actually creates a complex model of what a regular baby breathing pattern looks like over time and adapts it to fit your unique baby.

Because Cocoon Cam’s processing happens within the easily updatable software, we’re constantly rolling out updates and features. Some of these are behind-the-scenes changes that update the algorithms powering the software, letting us implement new safety features and improve the ability to identify breathing patterns. Other updates will be big add-ons like temperature, heart rate, and other metrics that will let you know more about how your baby is doing. And all of these updates come free with the subscription.

Breathe easier with Cocoon Cam's breathing monitoring.     Buy Now